Art (specially music) is my fuel, I love retro-style things, city life, hippie-chic stuff, beautiful scenery, the medieval period, and interior decoration. I truly believe I was born in the sixteenth century in another life (specially as a powerful queen, lol). Paramore, New Girl, Reign and The Caster Chronicles are part of me, nothing will ever change that. Here I put pictures of pretty rooms and cool places, with some random interesting things tumblr comes up with. My name is Giovanna and I'm from Rio de Janeiro. I'm from Brazil! Yeahh!

P.S. I always follow back, buuuuut if your tumblr fills my dashboard with posts I don't like, I probably will unfollow you.


"A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are Dark except where exposed by the Light."

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Sunday 21st July

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    I’m just surmising. They are well aware of how crazy their fans are. I’d hope they wouldn’t want a pop culture pagan...
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    Well… That’s not quite true. I mean, yes. If you’re intent on working magic, or more specifically learning to work...
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    *SIDE-EYES POP CULTURE PAGANS* I don’t think anyone has done that… yet. Someone did something with Enochian and Soror...
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    (I just googled it for you. It is indeed the Lamen Table)
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