Art is my fuel. I love eco-city life, nature, the medieval period, renaissance and interior decoration. I truly believe I was born in the sixteenth century in another life, you know. Paramore, Charmed, Reign and The Caster Chronicles are part of me, nothing will ever change that. Here I put pictures of pretty rooms and cool places, with some random interesting things tumblr comes up with. YES, I am a feminist. My name is Giovanna, I'm a future Civil Engineer and Eco-urbanist, and I'm from Rio de Janeiro. I'm from Brazil! Yeahh!

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"A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are Dark except where exposed by the Light."

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Sunday 28th September

Cruella de Vil chegando ao Underworld πŸΎπŸ’‹πŸ‘Ί #Disney #ReleaseYourDemons #CEFETeMV1TOTAL #CruellaDeVil #costume (at Mansão Carioca)
Desenhando no tablete dazamiga enquanto ela estuda hahahaha #LaraFliess #vscocam #sketch #mandala #drawing #art (at Cefet-RJ)

Thursday 25th September

Monday 15th September


Paris  by Philippe D.

Sunday 14th September

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punks not dead

Heosemys spinosa is an endangered species. 

punks almost dead

That is not a Heosemys Spinosa,its a Graptemys nigrinoda. 
they are in the low risk list, therefore, not endangered.

Punks not as almost dead as we thought.

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julian, california (by letsbeforestfriends)

Walk through grape vines, Moseley Old Hall, Wolverhampton, England
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